Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Pictures Courtesy of Andy Campbell
Males often go around picking fights, of course, but it's a little unusual to see the fairer sex getting into such an unladylike scrap.

Our friend and serial guest Andy was on a drive with Chris and Debs when they came across two lionesses out for a stroll with three young cubs.   Soon enough they bumped into three lionesses from a neighbouring pride, who had a tumble of cubs of their own under a nearby bush.

Of course, too much oestrogen can be just as volatile as too much testosterone, and this encounter was never going to be just a smile and a wave.  

One of the first two lionesses stood her ground against the three mamas and gave her companion time to get the cubs away.   Her bravery earned her a sound beating as the fur flew and the ground shook, and although she survived the encounter, she'll not want to cross paths with these three desperate housewives again anytime soon.

(You'd think that lions are the only mammal about these parts, the way they keep featuring in every second blog post. Believe me, we are blessed with a wondrous array of beautiful, fascinating animals here in the Selous - but when these lions get busy, they do tend to steal the show.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The first discussion attempt on the Blog

Hello Everyone
This Blog is a little different than your usual entry. Myself and our Guides had a discussion the other day with out a solution. So we would appreciate your input.
Here is the question: When do Legs become Arms.
And here is what we are asking. At what point does an animal have two arms and not two front legs.
One suggestion was once you can grab something with it and bring it to your mouth, but then an elephant would have 4 legs, 1 arm and no nose.
Another suggestion was, once the animal is in the category primates. But we decided that the front legs of a bush baby are legs not arms.
Then there are birds who can grab with their legs and bring the leg to the mouth.
Another suggestion was once the animal walks upright. But Chimpanzees prefer to walk on all 4 with their two legs and their two arms.
There were plenty more suggestions but no real conclusion, So we are waiting for your input.
Claus and the Guides at Sand Rivers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Masaa and guests on terra firma mirabilis

Our Head Guide, Masaa, recently left Sand Rivers for some well deserved down time. A friendly pilot agreed to give him a lift out of the Selous, but only if if he was prepared to take a circle route around southern Tanzanian skies.

This is what Masaa texted back to us in camp the next morning from Dar...

"That was great! All the beauty of the sweet southern Tz; the gigantic Rufiji and all the tributaries, the lush Udzungwa and Mama Ruaha and Mikumi, all taken in from a bird's eye view in a few hours!

I've just recovered from my sleep to find Dar alive - I don't like her. I have to go."

A poet guide. Who knew?