Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who's the Mane Lion?

We finally got a look at the two 'brother's', we have heard much about them from all the guests that have been lucky enough to experience these two masters of the bush. But there is a big difference between experiencing something yourself and hearing a story about it. So we were thrilled to find them lazying around as lions do most of their days.

B.A. Baracus
Our first impression of this guy is his mane, he seems to be doing a B.A. Baracus impersonation, with the whole mohawk and sideburn look going on making him look pretty mean and tough.The mane of the Lion is an useful indicator for us, it allows us to tell the physical condition of the specimen. 

As some of you know that have been to visit us already, the Selous is not a cold place. So a nice thick mane is probably going act bit like a thick wool scarf on a hot summers day. So for our Lion to grow a long dark mane he has to be in top physical condition in order to allow for his temperature to be maintained at a regular temperature. So in truth it is quite the contrary as he is no longer quite as bold as B.A

This is B.A's brother, showing that baldness is definitely not a hereditary trait as it is with men. He is obviously much healthier with his thicker mane. So why on earth would a lion need this thick wooly scarf in the heat of Africa. This question has been debated over the years and needs some in-depth explanation and  would probably be best explained alongside the king himself with one of our guides here at Sand Rivers Selous.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Laughter is brightest where food is best!

Sand Rivers would like to thank our wonderful team for all the continued effort they put in to making the guest's experience one that they won't forget...along with the fantastic guiding, game viewing and varied activities to be found in the Selous and along the Rufiji River, it is the little extras that make the whole experience a special one.  We would like to show you who is behind the magic and highlight some of our fantastic team who work tirelessly to ensure your comfort is kept at the highest level here in the middle of the bush!

This week we focus on the team who keep your drinks cool and your bellies full...!

Flora our Front of House Manager is always there to greet you with a tremendous smile and warmth - you will often find her standing guard over your lunch doing her utmost to fend off those cheeky Vervet Monkeys with her homemade catapult - she's a mean shot!! ;)
Daudi our Head Chef is the 'Cool Kat of the Kitchen' and is seen here preparing wonderfully fresh handmade pasta with such delicate passion!

Benadita is new to the team and what a wonderful addition! She is incredibly passionate about cooking and her perfection for quality ingredients shows in her beautiful presentation she creates on your plate!

It's often a challenge to source and supply such great ingredients here in the middle of nowhere and we strive to find only the best! Whether they are trucked, sent by train or flown in through the mailbag, we are sure you'll be impressed with the effort that is presented to you!

Meal times are big here in the bush and we look forward to welcoming you to our table and will do our best to make sure you leave with the ubiquitous "Safari Belly!"

Stay tuned for more on the Sand Rivers family......

Monday, December 2, 2013

The 'Mitey' Rains

This time of the year is known to us in the Selous as the 'Short Rains'.This we have found to be rather non-descriptive and would like to rename it to the "sparse, sometimes morning, mostly afternoon, big storm, heavy and light rains."

The daily sequence goes something along the line of the following...
'Another fantastic sunny day here at Sand Rivers Selous'
Says Cameron
'Why yes it is Cam, what a wonderful place we live in'
Says Kate

An hour later...
'Should we enjoy a cold drink along with the view down the Rufiji River?'
Says Kate
'That is a splendid idea, drinks are on me...'
Says Cameron

'Oh goodness, where did that humongous cloud come from' 
Says Kate
'Did you not learn about the water cycle in Geography class, haha'
Says Cameron

5 Minutes later...
'Quick get the brollies, we are going to get soaked '
Says Kate
'What on earth are brollies!?'
Says Cameron

A couple hours after the rains have fallen...

'Quick, lets go get ready for dinner' 
Says Cameron
'Wow look at all these fluffy red insects on the ground'
Says Kate
'Awesome, they are called Red Velvet get out your macro lens'
Says Cameron
Says Kate's Camera