Monday, October 29, 2012

Hippo Jokes

Beautiful poetry, words and even jokes are written in our guest book daily in Sand Rivers, so good that they need to be shared...

"We liked the way the Hippos always laughed at our jokes, though they were a bit slow on the uptake!
1. What do you call a long haired hippo? - A hippy
2. What's a hippos favourite type of music? - Hip-hop
3. And what does he listen to it on? - His Hi-Pod
4. How do you give a hippo an injection? - With a hippodermic needle
5. What does an old hippo need? - A hippoperation
6. How does a hippo say hello? - Hi-po!
7. What is a hippos favourite dance? - The hippo hippo shake
8. What do you call a one legged hippo? - A hoppo
9. What do you call a hippo with wings? - Hippothetical
10. What do you call a lying hippo? - A hippocrite
11. What do you call a hippo who thinks he is ill? - A hippochndriac
12. What is a hippos favourite dessert? - Hippo - pot - o'mousse
13. What does Dr Hippo take? - The hippocratic oath
14. What do you call a jolly hippo? - Happo!
15. What's a Hippopotamus's favourite word? - HIPPOPOTAMUS!"

With thanks to The Good Family

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carrot Baklava

This is our take on the traditional Turkish sweet pastry. Every Sunday lunch our chefs produce this tasty and unique dish called carrot, almond and dill baklava. The naturally sweet carrots, crunchy almonds and refreshing dill topped with a crispy filo pastry are a delicious combination and perfectly light for the hot Selous afternoons! No wonder we give out the recipe every week to our guests!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


This beautiful Leopard is a regular sighting for Sand Rivers camp, he prefers to spend his days perched in this enormous Baobab tree on the edge of Lake Tagalala, from this tree he has a very good view of a couple of the lakes bays, where he can watch unsuspecting animals coming down for a drink.