Friday, December 23, 2011

Hunting Dogs

Carrying the head of a young Impala

It has been an exciting last few days here at Sand Rivers, large storms have been passing though during the nights and mornings, this rest bite from the heat increases the chances of seeing the predators moving during the day. One of the most exciting times you can have on a game drive is watching the Wild Dogs hunting, they are one of the most efficient predators on the planet, the young Impalas don't stand a chance against this formidable opponent. They dispatch and eat their prey with brutal efficiency, due the fear of having their kill stolen by Lions or Hyenas. High speed and organized hunts can only lead to one conclusion for their main source of food the Impala. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Territorial quarrels

My money is on the one on the right. 

Territorial disputes between Hippos can be settled quickly by the smaller bull showing signs of submission, or they can be settled by a full on fight if they are equal in size. In this incident which happened just in front of the lodge, the young bull who had taken a liking to the site was caught in a tight spot, behind him only rocks, so no escape possible. Forced to stand its ground, the fight continued for 20 minutes, the tusks can cause major wounds and even possibly death. At the end the larger bull gave the younger one a chance to escape, which he took, running on to the bank into the bushes.   

Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch of the day

An impressive catch!
 This young crocodile thought so too!
What to do? He is gaining on me!
Ahh yes I can fly!
Goliath Heron -1

This all unfolded just in front of the dinning room at Sand Rivers, the fish the Goliath Heron caught was larger than usual, when it hesitated in eating the large fish, this young crocodile took the opportunity to get a free meal. The Heron was in no mood in giving up his lunch and made a dash for it, only remembering it could fly right at the last minute!