Monday, February 25, 2013

New arrivals

One of the Lionesses from the Tagalala pride has had two cubs, they are around 3 months old now, the cubs provide excellent photo opportunities as they are so active compared to their tired mother, biting her ears while she is trying to sleep.

The odds are stacked against their survival, only 80% of cubs will not make the first two years, Buffalo, Hyenas, Jackel, Martial Eagles, Snakes and Leopards are all enemies. If a new male takes over the pride, he will kill all the cubs.

We will be keeping a watchful eye on these two and keep you updated.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dog days of Selous

Even a mud cap will do to stay cool in the afternoons!

Slurp, slurp!

Great white pelicans in the lake

Keeping hydrated, this fish eagle was enjoying a drink from the lake in between fishing

That face looks familiar...wild dogs enjoying their reflections in the water

Splashing around in the local hot springs
With Sirius aka 'The Dog Star' directly above us in our night time sky we are well and truly into our 'dog days' of the season, hot days and nights bring the animals nearer to any dwelling of water.

Already in the water to keep cool this crocodile has even given himself a covering of mud to try and keep cool!

We found this wild dog with 5 other members of his pack around this small puddle of water the other day, as well as bathing in the puddle they were also mesmerized by their own reflections in the puddle.

It's not just the animals who enjoy the water, we like to have a dip ourselves and our local hot springs are a highlight of a safari here in the Selous, even though these are very hot springs they are remarkably refreshing! The swimming pool back at camp is also a great spot to cool off in the afternoons!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pictures of the week

Elephants enjoying a morning drink

Spotted Hyena enjoying an afternoon dip.

Bohm's Bee-eater
You are never more 10 kilometers from water in the Selous, one of the best watered parks in Africa, the abundance of life can be seen round every corner whether you are in a Land rover exploring the hugely various landscapes of Selous, on a boat drifting on the expansive Rufiji river or simply taking a  soul fortifying walk with one of our trained guides. You never know what you are going to see, but we can guarantee that you won't see hardly any other humans!